Trip Report Southern Utah/Eastern Sierra Stillwaters


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Moving to Las Vegas this past July has made me appreciate even more the fly fishing opportunities available to us in Washington state and the Pacific Northwest regardless where we live. Here in the desert such opportunities require a longer drive to access if you are targeting trout in stillwater, which is what I did in recent trips to Panguitich lake and the Boulder mountains in Utah and the Eastern Sierras in California. It was my first time fishing in both areas, but likely not the last. Strong winds throughout my trip to Utah made fishing difficult, but the weather in California was more conducive to fishing out of my pram.. All told I fished 2 small lakes in the Boulder mountains, Panguitich and Crowley lakes.. along with some time on Hot creek. Didn't catch as many as I hoped (at least not the larger fish.. lots of smaller fish up to 12" were caught), but caught some really nice fish. Other than Hot creek and a minor emergence of chironomids at Crowley the best bite was on balance leeches, minnows, bloodworms and blobs under an indicator in less than 10ft of water. Anchored along the river channel at the north end of Crowley in 6ft of water some really nice rainbows up to 24 inches were caught on bloodworms and minnow patterns imitating the perch fry readily abundant in the lake.. here are a few photos from the trip.. 20181015_130650.jpg 20181015_134007.jpg 20181015_130650.jpg 20181015_125446.jpg 20180924_091323.jpg 20180924_091318.jpg 20181015_160722.jpg 20180916_122140.jpg 20180916_095335.jpg 20181015_134007.jpg


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Lots of cool options in Southeastern Utah. Glad you got out there. Utah Dept of Fish and Game has Southern and Southeastern Utah weekly fishing reports online that they will auto email you if you sign up for it. I don't reference them much there for the actual fishing reports as I do for ice off/on reports if you are thinking of early spring to June-ish trips and late fall stuff higher up in elevation.


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Fr David -
Great to see you posting again! Thanks for sharing your pictures and write up. Blobs: you were right, they rock!

Tell me those tigers weren’t taken with blob patterns! :p

Looks like beautiful country. I hope you have ample opportunities to explore.


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There is some nice small stream fishing coming off the Fish lake plateau and the streams draining Boulder mtn into Escalante area. Small creeks and fish, big scenery. Pine creek ...

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