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just remember, throw 'em back

august 5-8 i will be camping at kayak point. besides src's, and a few silvers, are there any other species that i could target (ie, bottomfish) that are near shore and will take a fly. i thought about targeting the pile perch as they fight well and are readily available. i have never seen or heard of one caught on a fly rod before. has anyone else had any luck with the "other species?"
I was at Kaqyak this morning and didn't see any coho, but we did catch some cutthroat. I've never caught or seen any pile perch there, but who knows. Talk to Rockfish; he seems to have gotten perch dialed in.

If you have a tube it's reasonably safe (if cold) to lauch one at Kayak. The fishing can be quite good in the bay just south of the point, and there's no particular tide rip in there to speak of. There are lots of 6"-10" bullheads at Kayak, but no bottom fish you can reach with a fly rod anyway.

When the coho are in, Kayak can be as goss as anyplace in the Sound, and they're bound to show up one of these days. It tends to come on a little later, but maybe you'll get lucky. And if not, there are a few cutthroat around, or they were this morning at least.
just remember, throw 'em back

i have a tube but i am a little leary of heading out in it, is there anything i can do to make it safer? and are the sea runs farther back in the bay or are they out on the points? i would consider taking my tube out if the fishing was good far inside the bay as opposed to out on the points. id feel safer. and besides, i dont need to venture too far away from shore to be in the fish (theoretically).......