Trip Report Christmas Island October 2018


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Just back from a week at Christmas Island. I arranged the trip through YDFF as I have with other trips and once again, things were just as they had told they would be. We stayed at the Villages leaving HNL on Tuesday, October 2nd through October 9th. I chose to cushion my trip a day in Waikiki just in case something went sideways. Monday I visited Shaun up at Nervous Waters Fly Shop for some flies I had him custom tie for me. Shaun was awesome in dispensing info about the fishing and the people. Kudo's to him.

The Villages is a great place to stay. Accommodations are basic, but clean. Food was good, especially after pounding the flats for 8 hours in the sun. Lodge employees along with the other residents are very gracious and super nice. Breakfast is at 6:15 and the boat leaves at about 7am. Returns about 4 to 4:30pm. Sun is very strong there. 8 bottles of water a day on the flat and only peed once.

We had good tides progressing to a high tide towards the end of the fishing day. Lots of Bonefish, Triggers, Golden Trevally's and a few shots and follows at GT's with many refusals( they are harder to catch than you think when you do it without chumming). Very interesting place with Manta Rays in the lagoon as a highlight.

Sunrise and a flat: 9gOEdcgbRROylsfm0F+8og.jpg gLLZ0U0ET+uJxD8x62PXDg.jpg

eXiWd6C0RYu2kreAjMEnfg.jpg ZJ7pJtNxSHyqfy26H%Reeg.jpg oZId3IUESGig%wBE5x5Zaw.jpg

Beautiful Manta Rays:

bmeGT%KcQCGya2Oojo+Qjw.jpg SKrG1NkVTIKQIN8gWus%XQ.jpg u4uJCa4fTYGD1hjFygIc3Q.jpg mQOo8CBZRPecWChLXnGczQ.jpg xzE7bNkcSWuoAVG3DNQ9BA.jpg mgoakxUoSH6HlT94Q9yutw.jpg

6 and 8LB Bonefish on a worm pattern:( Disregard zinc on nose! Sun was brutal)

Baby GT( biggest one landed for me) and a 12 lb Golden Trevally on an 8 weight( took me for a ride)

4gNwsgnyQ6CHHm889V0gCQ.jpg qbRwnlh0T+GLMwBUh0BwGw.jpg qbRwnlh0T+GLMwBUh0BwGw.jpg

Best Trigger for me. Hooked 7 and landed only 2. Very tough customers indeed, but an awesome fight on an 8 weight. A few bent hooks. Guide got one ( not pictured ) out of his house. We were actually fishing for Bones on the last part of the last day. I pointed out a wind knot in the 20 LB, but he said not to worry about it. The lower half of the leader was 12 LB due to the water being a bit skinny and the fish skittish. We saw 1 and hooked it briefly. We thought that was all there was and almost did not see the 2nd one at about 25 feet. Cast to it, got a follow, strip set ( very important ) and away we went. Very relieved to get it in and proud of this one.

xWFtHvXUTPujfBVxmieMfg.jpg U5yTJ7MMR3eC8f8nF0n8VA.jpg VOUOeIXTRzeAXrl+FcUIyA.jpg NTLNlDyQRWCduidDM5tLzA.jpg

Of course, there was a compromise in this. Meeting my wife in Maui for some R and R.

rFRrsbOtS1CrVWCyiMXAJQ.jpg H00OJpdOSFulSWduSPGW7g.jpg 3Kn%XMj3SSCnbxONXYuVwA.jpg HHsficw9Q7CIJGvzR9VnMg.jpg

Very relaxing and great fishing for a good price.

Thanks for looking.
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Love the photos of the manta Ray's, they are really plentiful at CXI. Great job catching the Golden Trevally and Triggerfish, they are the toughest to catch on the fly.


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Awesome pictures, that Golden Trevally is something else. Any bigger and you might have needed the 12 weight. I'm guessing getting hooks out of the Trigger's was with forceps! Thanks for sharing, well done!

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