Last cascades high lakes trip of the year.

Dave Westburg

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Took my last high lake trip of the year to a couple central cascades lakes. On a day when the Yakima River was probably crowded I had a couple high lakes to myself.

The roads were rough due to a summer's worth of potholes and some erosion from fall rain.

Some color at the first very small lake I visited. It was 5 minutes off a logging road. It was planted with 90 fish in 2015 but I didn't see any today so I didn't say long.
Found some wild brookies at the second lake I visited. It was a 15 minute walk from the road. Was hampered by the fact that I drove off without my float tube in the morning but I was a half hour away from home when I remembered and decided I didn't want to go back. This lake is shallow and weedy and a float tube makes life way easier.
That's my trusty Champion bamboo 9050 . Took fish on size 12-14 hare's ear and greenwells glory wet flies.

I never get tired of looking at wild brookies.
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Dave Boyle

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Brilliant report Dave; the greenwells glory brought a tear to my eye. The first 5 yrs of my fly fishing life typically involved a GG, a black pennel and a silver Wickhams fancy. The first hatches of olives in the spring were always awesome with a GG.


Dave Westburg

WFF Supporter
I was introduced to Scottish Wet flies on a couple fishing trips I took to the Rannoch Moor and the Outer Hebrides about 10 years ago. I've had scottish and irish wet flies in my box ever since. Greenwells is a great olive pattern. Invicta is a buggy looking bright fly. Brookies like the silver march brown and silver invicta. The Mallard and Claret or Grouse and Claret is a great dark pattern. Kingsmill Moore's golden olive bumble is a great lake fly.

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