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My dad and I do an annual fall trip, usually to Montana, but this year scheduling was a bit tricky. Ended up doing 4 days of DIY, and discovered a true gem of a river. Dad only spent one day with me, he had to get the farm ready for winter, and he had an upcoming heart surgery (went well phew), so mostly o explored by myself. My dad has always said “old age and treachery always prevails over youth and enthusiasm”, and once again he proved to be right. In our one day together he again out fished me, and I couldn’t have been happier, as I get older I cherish these moments more and more, I don’t know how many days I have left to fish with my dad, but instead of worrying about this I focused on being present and enjoying our precious time together.

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That first picture is among the most outstanding I've seen on this site.

My dad died before I turned 30 and we had not fished together for a few years. Your post brought back a lot of good memories from fishing trips long ago. It's awesome that you are still spending quality time with your paps.

Thanks for sharing.

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