Pattern 1st the Nymph, now the GS dry


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I will do the "tutorial" later ( with non yellow text for Jim ) but here's a stonefly dry pattern that has had good reports dressed as a Skwala, now in Golden Stone format, I call it the Clownstone series.

Golden ClownStone

Thread-olive or yellowstone 6/0
Hook;Dai-Riki #155 #6 egg hook
Dubbing; yellow lite-brite
wing; copper Krystal Flash & calftail
Legs (4 pairs) gold/black & black/pearl blue


1.Dub the body halfway forward on shank tapered,WF and cut off thread

2.Pour yourself some orange juice for refreshment.

3.Taper a 1/4"x 1-1/2" long strip of foam( taper should be from halfway)

4.Poke with bodkin just past taper and slide over hook eye. push foam piece tight against dubbing.Re-attach thread forward of foam behind eye.

5. More orange juice? :beer1:

6.Tye on calftail pointed forward (slightly longer than body taper) ,then copper flash over that.

7. Definitley, more orange juice before the next step. :thumb:

8. With the taper end of foam pointed up toward the air and the square end down bring th square end forward underneath and poke with bodkin where it meets the eye of the hook. The slide the eye thru and fold the square end back over the top with the winging materials under the foam.Your thread will come with it all and now you just collar it like you would a "MadamX" only your head will come out "square". Trip excess top foam. Add your legs in an "x" pattern at the collar and cut off thread. re-attach thread forward of foam and make 10-15 wraps and whipfinish off (helps hold the foam). Cement the collar and eye area real well and trim legs to liking.

9.Color the foam with panetone markers to whatever color you desire- in this case- yellow with brown spots.

10.Finding the orange juice at this point may be a problem.

11.Use heavy tippet, big fish luv these ! :thumb:

davy :cool: