November Fly Salon - Prawn/Shrimp Patterns

steve s

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Wow, great flies so far. And an awesome assortment of patterns, sizes and materials. Thanks for all the contributions so far.
I have been hoping to sit down and tie a steelhead prawn but just haven’t been able to find the time. I’ll see if I’m able to get one done this weekend.
In the meantime, here are some flies I tied for a swap last year, a GP and some other colors of my steelhead prawn.
I like to tie my prawns on an AJ heavy wire hook. Gives a little more weight to fish down deep. Have not tried one on a blue heron hook yet but will do so this season.



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So, I tried to re-create one the earlier flies that I had posted (with some modification)...
After I had finished this fly, I had a "What The Hell Was I Thinkin' " moment. Either I was a glutton for punishment or was too green a fly tyer to know better...those wings a pain in the ass. Also, I had it all buttoned up and head cemented...I then realized I hadn't put the collar on. Oh well, on goes the white thread again, fasten and wrap the guinea, add the blue UTC tread (like floss), finish 'er up and glue...yah the head's a bit big, but then so is the fly...3/0.

Here's two more feeble variation attempts...thinkin' eyes would improve the "LOOK". The wings are single feather laid flat.

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