FS Classic ,vintage rod & reel collection , 99.95 each ...just want to sell them


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Thanks for looking. ..
My uncle passed away. And left me with a bunch of gear. There was a lot. And some I kept ,,, but these need a home.
Each item is 99.95 ea. Unless noted ....plus shipping. Depending on your location and item. Reels would be 6.98 shipped
Rods are two piece so we are looking at 18.50 ea
— fenwick woodstream ff 837 Mint May never been fished. Glass rod
—. Fenwick hmg USA original,,858 gff..in good cond
—- Shakespeare graflite. This is not a misprint... 8 ft... i love this rod. ..it’s so similar to my early Orvis 3 wt graphite.. from what I could find it’s a 6 wt ?? But feels like a 3
—— May fav. Lamiglas USA Im 700 904. 4 wt. also my never been fished ... I have the exact rod in a 5 wt or I would keep it
4 Tetons ... one sci angler Mastery 45.
All the Tetons are 99.95. Except the small 3 wt in blue with the white drag knob. 109.. I sent it out for a repair ..the bearing needed to be replaced ,,it was sticking. It cost 30. To replace it .
The Tetons appear to be all unfished. ... the mastery has just light use ..
finally nice click and pawl gold tone white river ... 7/8 reel and spool .. I have several of these. ..ultra light ..69.00 for reel and spool .i use this size on a 5 wt. 3.25 inches in diameter.
More photos if needed. Jim


Wow, all very nice stuff and good deals, too. If I did not already have too much stuff, I would pick some of it up.


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Update ... sci angler Mastery. Sold.
A couple more Tetons remaining. Bothe fenwicks. And the pick of the litter. The lamiglas.

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