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Headed south today to check out a new area. Turned out to be a pretty cool spot with lots of little chutes, sneaks, open powder fields and just good fun.

We dug a pit down low, found no instability and decided to move higher. My buddy Jerry laid down the skin track.

Looking back down the valley

Got up higher on the slope and did one more assessment. ECTX again. The snowpack looks great.

So we let 'er rip.

The skiing was definitely good enough for couple of laps



Trout Fear Me
Hey Dummy. I started this thread because we got snowed on, on election day. It wasn't meant to turn it into a Swimmy snow thread. Go start your own thread on skiing.
Hahahaha... It occurred to me that i sometimes I don’t always know how to take OMJ when he is so expertly performing in his role as the resident curmudgeon .
And I also don’t always know to take Swimmy with his over the top exuberance about his Martha Stewart home decorating. To me they appear to be the antithesis of each other.

One thing i do know. They both entertain in completely different ways. And i think it would be hilarious to fish with both of them at the same time.

Bob Triggs

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Big weather moving up the coast will bring plenty of wind, rain and snow through the rest of the week, and through the weekend. The passes will get lots of snow. Winter is moving in.

Old Man

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Well we got dumped on again last night. The snow that helped the Dawgs win, came here last night and gave is about 6 inches of powder. We never seem to get that wet shit that falls all over Western Washington. Always powder. It makes it easier to clean up. You can just sweep it away.

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