Trip Report 1.5 days on the Yak

Western Washington rivers were at flood stage Friday. I had a 2 day hall pass to capitalize on. What is a guy to do? Go east, that's what.

Left home at 5:16am Saturday. Arrived at the local fly shop at 8:45 to pick up walk-n-wade tips and a selection of nymphs to try.

At the first hole by 10am casting lightning bug and olive scud right angle nymph setup under an indicator. I'm new to nymphing but knew that the mornings required this type of fishing before the BWO hatch came off so may as well try. 3rd cast and the indicator disappears, hook set and flash of fish scales, holy sh** it worked?! A small 6-7" rainbow had taken the scud, my first nymphing success story.


Laughing at my blind luck I continued to fish the nymph rig until I saw fish rising in the next pool downstream. Like turning on a light switch there were BWOs everywhere so I set about changing over to a dry fly setup. Fishing size 14 and 16 BWOs is tough on the eyes and after a few long staring contests with floating flies I looked away to take in the scenery and the next thing I knew I had a tug and I had totally missed the take. This scarred rainbow put up a heck of a fight and actually got the drag to kick in on a short run before coming to the net.


I missed a few fish to early sets and a bad clinch knot (first time that's happened in a while) before calling it for the day. There were lots of people out on Saturday, maybe with the same plan I had to run from the west side deluge?

Woke up to this visitor on my tent tarp in the morning. Looked like fish food to me.


Fished the same stretch of river on Sunday morning, this time with a small sculpzilla to swing and strip through the bigger pools. The fishing was very quiet between 9 and 11am. The wind picked up and was blowing down the canyon to make river right casting on a single hand rod tenuous. Quit to pack up camp and head up canyon for one more spot before hitting the road back to the wet side. I had several bumps on the sculpzilla by what felt like smaller fish that couldn't manage the #4 hook size. Switched to various other small streamers including micro leeches and #8 wounded sculpin but no more bumps. The wind was really howling now and despite seeing several rises I left the river in time to listen to the hawks game on the radio coming over the pass (womp womp). It was a great single-night outing and a win in my book since I stayed dry and got to fish in the sun. Will definitely be back to the yak.


Randy Lindahl

Paintin' or Fishin'
Great report! I saw that the river had risen and was a little muddy around Thorp on Monday. The winds were definitely blowing over the weekend. Looks like you made the best of it.


Active Member
man you took the hard route! I like it. many people start with nymphing because it is much easier and more forgiving. Doesn't matter if you make a perfect cast, etc.

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