What is the greatest achievement ever in fly fishing?


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Makos are fun. We got 12 one day two fathers days ago. They were knarly to release and the backflips were awesome, but catching a milkie is much more of a challenge. Difficult as hell to get to eat, jumps like a tarpon, faster than a bonefish, then sounds in deep water and just don't give up. Plus no teeth, so unlike a mako, you can't put any pressure on them or the hook will rip out. Holy Grail is a milkie. Mems


if it's not this, then what?
YouTube postings, tons of info on how to tie flies or certain types of flies, lessons of all sorts, gear info, fly fishing for a variety of different fish, videos of lodges, lakes, etc, etc.
I learned to cast with a bamboo rod, it had been my grandpas.
I bought my first fiber glass rod when I was 22 yrs old, an eagle claw 4 piece.
I'm so grateful for graphite rods, IMHO graphite is the best.
I personal best fish was a 22" westslope cut caught on a #12 elk hair caddis in the NF CDA. No pic.
Most frustrating was casting to big red sides in the Kettle river and having them slurp all around my dry fly. Very humbling.

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