Wynoochee River

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on fishing the Wynoochee. I've heard the 7400 line is pretty good area. Also, any suggestions on specific flies that seem to work better than others. Any information would be helpful, thanks.
I fished it a lot last year. Mostly in winter. This year I haven't had as much chance. I have yet to take a steelhead on a fly but I've been told that the area around black creek is also supposed to be good. Problem is it's almost all public property.

I usually fish with size six golden girls and silver browns however I have been admonished to try silver hiltons and green butt skunks. Let me know if you have any luck. Have you been in at the 7400 line?


Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
There's alot of good water up there. Problem is, if you don't have a boat you don't have alot of options. Mostly private water on entire river except a few spots. Luckily for me, I pretty much grew up on the river thanks to my parents having property below gravel bar launch. I almost EXCLUSIVELY fish that river with a fly during the summer. Gets to low and clear to use about anything else. Though it can be done. I use mostly my own flies. Mostly skaters and some greaseline in dark colors. I tie up a greenbutt skater (true green butt, not chartreuse). I only use a floating line. Most of my presentations are surface/subsurface. A REALLY good pattern is a mouse pattern skirted near bank. Have rose a few steelies during the summer with it. Go as natural in colors as possible.

If you have a boat, go for it. Well..............maybe not. Check the flows. Luckily for me, I could homebase at my Dad's and walk the river. Then once I got my catarafts and pontoon boats, I could float most low flows. Only minimal dragging. Most DB's and prams are being drug 90% of the time.

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