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Heres a G. Stone pattern that will float all day for you. Kinda butt ugly but it works well in NoCal. ( reason I have been tying all these Goldens this past week.) :hmmm: :beathead: :beathead: :beer2:

I use a TMC 200 hook in #8

Body and foam wing/head; brownish tan and white foam.
Underwing;Dyed golden/orangish/yellowish/whateverish deer hair, Golden stone Krystal flash

coating; clear nail polish, or flex cement

Lay a thread base to the start of the bend. Measure out a 1/8" wide or so strip of foam about 2" long. Lay the forward end 1/4" short of hook eye and measure for length folding the foam back over on it's self and protruding about 1/2" beyond bend.Remove hook from vise and poke hook through foam at premeasured spot. Dab some nail polish on shank and inside both strip surfaces and squeeze it all together. Bend underneath strip up under hook shank and fold top strip forward along top. Break for a refreshment. Tie in with thread and begin segmenting back toward rear. Once all the way back work thread back forward.Tie it all tight and color with yellow marker. Cement tie in point real good. For the wing; Tie in 6 or 8 Krystal flash fibres and fold back and tie down. Tie in deer hair pointed forward and fold back over the top of th krystal flash wing. Have another beverage. Cut yourself another 1" long or so piece of foam, a little wider than the first and poke a hole in the center with bodkin, fit this over hook eye and fold under and over,holding wing materials in place under the foam. Tie off with a collar forming the square head. Add the legs and the top white foam piece in he collar wraps. Whip finish the collar and cut off. re-attach thread at hook eye and make several turns and whip finish to hold the foam at front.Use a brown marker to color the head and top foam wing(optional) . Cement all joints and foam body with nail polish and your done. While all that cement is drying you have time to make yourself a nice cold beverage after all your work.

davy :beer2:

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