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Hello all, this is my first post. My name is TJ and I am from central/eastern Washington. I look forward to learning from you all and hearing about your adventures as well!

A friend of mine recently purchased his very first fly rod. To break it in we planned a trip to nearby Rocky Ford Creek where he (Rob) had caught his first ever fish on the fly using a rod of mine earlier this year. However when we left Ephrata Nov. 6, 7 a.m. I did not steer towards the Ford, but another tributary of Moses Lake.

We didn't have a huge selection of flies and we left our waders at home due to the original plan of fishing Rocky Ford but we were determined! We arrived and the spot was just as I remembered, no casting room and the spookiest trout I have seen. After seeing dozens of trout dart into thick mats of grass, away from our clumsy presentations we decided it was time to pack the truck up and head to another stretch of the creek.

We stopped by granny's house to drop off some onions and fill our coffee cups. Local intel suggested worms were the ticket as Uncle Mark caught a 19" rainbow last week using exactly that. We decided to try our luck with flies and got permission to fish an area with a nice pool I have fished quite a few times and knew there was a chance at carp, rainbow, pikeminnow and browns.

Rob and I fished our way down the section seeing far less fish than we did at the first spot and managing to hook the same number (0)...I continued 50 yards further downstream than I have ever fished. The first cast with my sz. 10 olive and tinsel bugger went straight into the tall grass on the opposite bank, again. I joked about the fish being so finicky they need to see their food fall from the grass to convince them. As I pull it free and onto the water there is a near-instant boil and the first hook up of the day, a rainbow! Not 5 minutes later I landed another on the same fly. Unfortunately for Rob those were the only two takes of the day. But don't feel bad for him yet, this winter he will hopefully be on the other end of cutthroats, browns, and rainbows.

P.S. The location of the habitat photo was upstream of our first stop, not where the fish were caught.


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Nicely done, TJ! Welcome to the forum. I tried to find a picture of "another tributary" to share with you but can't seem to locate it. Gin clear water, super spooky fish.

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