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Dave Boyle

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Though I fish for these guys a lot in the salt I've never tried rivers other than a DDickson class long ago. A buddy used to fish a classic src river a long time ago and so we set off; me to learn and him to see how much had changed in the last 15 yrs.

Couple of lessons, one bring an anchor, it helps your pontoon sit arse up river in the current. Second, check your waders before you wade deep into 42 degree water. The arse was ripped out and I got streams of water into my pants wading the first pool. I decided to stay schtum so as not to bother my buddy.


The water was higher than we’d hoped and it was cold, obviously for me but we suspected there was bit of early snow melt as the river was high and cold but we’ve had no rain? Fishing was hard and we didn’t see any fish early on, nothing but it was beautiful and lots of of wildlife to keep us amused.


All of the early pools my friend had known were long gone, washed out and reshaped and we worked our way down stream. We came to a back eddy where once he and a friend had before seen a stupidly good day. We came in and he let me fish a lovely seam pulling to under some trees and a cliff. Cold and not expecting much, a cuttie slashed by my fly. A second cast and a nicer fish came up and bashed it, no joy. Another couple of casts and another hit, then nothing. I let my buddy fish it and he had an ldr right away. I fished another part of the pool but nothing. He got no further love so off we went. It was warmer down the river and the odd October caddis bumbled around. I was more hopeful even though we were close to the take out. A lot of good water couldn’t be fished as the flows were too deep/fast. I fished through a nice riffle at the bank and under a tree it happened, only a wee one but a beautiful one and on a reverse spider I tied the previous night.

I’m not really a must catch at all costs but I’d worked hrs for this fella. Two pools down to the take out where my buddy noticed the rip in my waders, he thought I was nuts but I wasn’t going to give up a days fishing for a bit of cold water. February would be another story.

A cool, if cold day out.

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Dave Boyle

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Great report! Are those reddington sonic pros?
Hi Mark,

Nope, Simms Guide, 'nearly new' ones I bought in classifieds for $150.....I'm a schmuck and have to accept that one, buyer beware and all that.

Guess what I'm getting for Xmas though :) The Simms G4s look nice but are $800 which seems totally crazy, I won't be getting them but what ever I get will be brand spanking new and warrantied, of that I am 100% sure.



Mark Steudel
Ah ... I had a pair of sonic pros and they burst in the butt, and my father in law had the same issue with his. I recently went with a pair of simms g3 mid shorts and they fit great!
Considering the season, consider neoprene waders. They're warmer top to toes, and cheaper than breatheables. And I don't find them to be sweat-tanks, esp. since I'm usually wearing long underwear bottoms.

Dave Boyle

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Hi Mac,

Funnily enough my first pair I bought when I came to the PNW were cheap Hodgemans and I still have them. I stashed them as I got into breathables. I will get them out the loft :) I have another pair of older G3s too but slightly leaking in the boot, rubber/gortex seam I suspect.


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