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Incorporating the Booby fly concept into a Dragonfly Nymph pattern really could be a game changer, placing the nymph pattern in a position to "swim" across the top of bottom-hugging aquatic growth. I have to try this!

I have always fished neutral buoyancy flies on a short leader to achieve the effect I described above. Longer leaders tend to drag the fly down, resulting in lots of salad on the hook.

I have been doing this for years, read about it in a book called "The Gillie" about fishing BC. I tie them out of clipped deer hair, dress them with gink, and crawl them over the weeds while holding on ! I'm for short leaders too. I see a bunch have jumped in on this. I also have made leeches, damsels and a version of the nyerges nymph with this principal. I need to start making them out of foam. Does anyone have a source of olive colored foam?
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The 'booby' fly was considered too effective and dangerous (deep hooking) to be allowed for use in UK competitive fishing and was banned. They've now reversed the fishing technique of sinking line with floating fly and use a sinking fly on a floating tip sinking line (Sweep Line) to fish flies in that bottom zone. I think that is how 'blob' flies are fished. I'm sure someone will correct me if I've the wrong impression.

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