NFR 2018 all out Xmas/Holiday Bash!!


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I am TOTALLY in @Swimmy ! We are getting our Christmas tree Thanksgiving weekend. (It will acclimate in our garage for a couple of days and I plan to get it up before November 30, which is kind of early for me.

No fake trees for us! We used to go cut it down at a tree farm but we found a place that gets great nobles and other exotic hybrids and they put them in water immediately. This has helped because i used to have to get up in the middle of the night around 1 or 2 am to put more water in a freshly cut tree. It’s weird too that the ones we cut down never lasted as long as the ones we get now, in spite of my watering it like a newborn baby.

I love the weeks before Christmas the most!


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We'll be decorating the recessed area between our great room and kitchen this weekend. Can't wait to get some Christmas going on in here. IMG_20181115_101725.jpg