NFR 2018 all out Xmas/Holiday Bash!!


the sultan of swing
OHMY! I LOVE THIS TOO Skip! I think this is my favorite song you have ever put up on the forum. Is there an album? I want it! Edited to add that i liked this so much that i played it twice and now i’m going to Google this dude. Edited to add one more time. I listened to it again and I am sending it to my husband’s blues band who is playing a Christmas gig next month, though they might not have enough time to learn this, but it’s in their wheelhouse.
I’ll stick with Burl Ives ruddoff the red nosed reindeer !

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
"those aren't pillows"
That movie slayed me...
My ex wife and current girl friend didn't and don't share my love of sophomoric humor in movies...I mean Holy Hell! Ellen fell asleep during Napoleon Dynamite! What is wrong with some women?... I think they don't want to enable me cuz I will never shut up... ;)


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I'll be baking cookies and practicing Christmas music all day tomorrow. I'm making leave shaped sugar cookies and using real oak and maple leaves from our yard for the patterns, after washing and rinsing them of course IMG_20181118_140516.jpg
It's the mooost, wonderful tiiiiiime of the year!
Dear Mr. Swimmy,

HELP me please! I am in desperate need of your advice.

I just got the following email from PayPal which said “Get return shipping on us, if the decor doesn’t fit your door.”

So, I removed my front door and sent it back to the manufacturer.

Now my question is, how do I keep my house warm over the holidays until my new door arrives?