NFR 2018 all out Xmas/Holiday Bash!!

What the hell? Skip nearly ruined this thread. I am rescuing it from bouncing over to page two. I bought some more stuff today from Pier One. This is what i am displaying on top of my entertainment center which has lights under glass on the top. I save on batteries because it looks like things are lighted without me turning on some of the stuff that lights up. (The snowman in the middle is a real handblown glass by an artist we know, the other stuff is from Pier 1.) 14F33BB4-AC75-4845-A3C8-C947DA931D56.jpeg 88EA0DB6-F496-4C86-B2B0-F266F523A9A5.jpeg
It gave me fits trying to position all of these decorations because of my slight OCD. I put them up and sit down to read and then i look up and have to move one of the trees a quarter of an inch to make it look right to me. I sit down again then i look up and see that the Santa is a little too far over to the right and i move him over a smidgeon. Christmas can be difficult! I think i need a glass of wine!

Edited to add: Dammit, now that i see the photo my handblown glass snowman in the middle needs to move over to the left.