Shuttle Service Suggestions


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So, I'm here in western Mt and even at near 70 years old I'm still enterprising.
I'm not looking to get rich but a little mad money would be nice .
Is it worth it???
If so the mechanics/likes of good shuttle services appreciated.
The best shuttle services move your truck/trailer for you while you’re floating, so your rides just waiting for you at the end.

I’d look into the logistics of that, prefer 100X to getting picked up at the bottom, driven back up, then have to drive your own rig down.
I know that a number of the established shuttle services in SW MT, and probably elsewhere, routinely hire part time shuttle drivers during the busier months. You might want to try that before launching out on your own. At the same time you could ask an established shuttle service why no one provides shuttles where you think they are needed, and perhaps volunteer to handle shuttles there while working for them.

Come hell or high water, you better be 100% reliable if you’re thinking of going into (or staying) in the shuttle business.


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A river I used to fish had a shuttle service run by an old guy who lived in an old folks home. He had a minivan which he would load up with all his old buddies, and drive them all to the put in where they would each get in a rig and drive in a very slow convoy to the take out. Some of the parking was a little erratic, but they always got there. It felt a little weird the first time floating off leaving the rig unlocked with $10 and the keys behind the sun visor, but not having to do the shuttle was great!