Looking for Chum photos

I'm looking for photos of Chum showing the morphological change they undergo transitioning from salt to fresh water to spawn. If you have photos of chum that are anything from dime bright to full-blown zombie feel free to post them here. I will certainly give photo credit to you or the photographer if requested.

Context: My wife is an outdoor educator and leads groups of kids on salmon walks during the chum runs in the north sound. Our local creek is likely going to peak this week and the remaining swimmers will likely be carcasses by the next time she takes a group out in the last week of November. I want to put together some photos of chum as they change for her to use in her outings to display the dramatic change.

Thanks y'all


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Here is a pic of a lot of dead chum. Might be interesting to show as the final stage of the process - bird food!



I have a bunch of caught estuary chum but I don’t think they’ll add anything additional outside of what has already been posted.

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