FS Riverstick Custom-machined Wading Staffs

Big Tuna

Riverstick wading staffs:
Common complaints with most folding wading staffs are that they get stuck, vibrate in the current, or wear out…Not this one…This is the sturdiest, most durable folding wading staff I have seen.
I have developed, tested and refined the design on my local rivers over the past 8 yrs. The 6061 marine-grade aluminum machined inserts and heavy-walled tubing are designed to be easily self-maintainable, over the long term, with off-the-shelf grips and tips. The bungee cord tension can easily be adjusted by popping the tip off and knotting the cord as needed. A hammer loop (included) has proven to be the perfect holster, making the staff easy to draw/reload with one hand. It includes a wrist strap and a ring just below the grip for clipping onto a retractor to let it hang extended. At 1 lb 10 ozs, it is solid, and built to last. The standard length is 53”, and I can do custom lengths to suit at no extra charge.
I am offering them, with holster, for $95 plus $20 shipping = $115 usd total.
Please pm me for more details.

These are the bomb! I'm a big guy so need a long staff that can bear a bit of weight. This staff met both criteria.


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Looking forward to getting it and trying it out. It is already made and pending shipment.
I really like this staff. I showed it to a friend and his comment was I hope you never fall in wearing that thing, you’ll sink and drown!!! Built very stout and only looks heavy.

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
These are also most useful when a vexing arthritic knee acts-up. My staff traveled with me for a few days. Pretty hard to beat double-duty!


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I've been using this staff for the last year and really like it. It's very solidly built and is easy to deploy and collapse. The only negative is that it's a bit heavier than most, but since you carry it on your hip, the weight difference is unnoticeable. I have a couple friends with Folstaffs that drive themselves crazy trying to separate the stuck sections every time they want to put it away.


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As I had mentioned earlier, I had wanted to use the heavy duty wading belt that came with my Simms G3 waders with this wading staff, but found that the belt would not fit through the belt holes on the wading staff’s hammer holster.

I had planned on buying a different holster, but I ended up just cutting the holster’s holes a bit larger. I used one of my fly body foam cutters to do this and it worked perfectly.

I have other lighter weight wading belts, but I believe that this heavy duty Simms belt is the perfect size belt to use with this heavy duty wading staff.

I am very pleased overall with this wading staff, and rate it higher than both the Simms (graphite) and Folstaff wading staffs that I have used for a number of years - both of which cost more than this staff does.


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Just received more materials and am ready to do another run of staffs. I'll be happy to answer any Q's.
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Picked up one of these after to long using an expensive brand X (begins with an "S") Rick's quality and stout staff is the best I have ever seen and used - you cant go wrong with this...


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I've had some inquiries regarding any planned price increase for my staff. This past year I've weathered increases of approx. 25% for my aluminum materials. I've held the line on the price, with fewer $ coming to my pocket, as I wanted to keep the price affordable for whoever wanted one. I'm now relieved to say tariffs have been reduced, so the price will continue to stay the same. Thanks to all those who have ordered my staff, and for the kind reviews they have posted....much appreciated !

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