FS Riverstick Custom-machined Wading Staffs


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Ordered one earlier this month. There are a couple of runs on the Clearwater where this staff is going to feel a lot more secure, where I'm walking on basketball size rocks.
Thank you for the excellent service and product!


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With Boeing slowing the production of 737 there should be aluminum piling up all over the NW - what's wrong with the world?

Guy Gregory

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I ordered one on the basis of the pics and various testimonials. Here's my impressions after receiving it and a brief shakedown.

I started like you with the wood sticks always around in places you seem to need one. As I got older and frequented less forested streams I graduated to the telescoping trekking pole. Benefits: cheap, easily replaceable. Costs: fails about when you really need the damn thing. I also acquired a used Simms pole at a club auction but gave it to someone who needed it more than I. Always felt a bit wobbly to me, but.. I ordered this, and it arrived after some usual postal delay here.

Construction: Just as shown in the pics, thick walled aluminum tubes connected together by a shock cord running through the tubes and by tapered "subs" machined to join the long pieces. The "subs" are very similar to pieces used to join joints of drill steel on percussion drills, though they're a bit longer which I suspect allows them to stiffen the staff for twisting or wrenching torque. These are also fixed into the tube, whether pressed or glued I don't know, but they ain't coming out. The male piece fits into the open tube, which is in turn tapered internally for ease of fitting.

Short: This thing fits together very quickly and smoothly, and is very steady under load from any direction. IT breaks down smoothly as well, no sticking. As far as "wear" parts go, the cane tip and the handle are pretty darn available in most areas with enough population to support a fair sized variety store.

I took it out to the 'Kan for a bit yesterday and it helped a great deal, far superior to my trekking pole. The hammer holder is as advertised, though it doesn't really fit with my kit, so I'll be seeking an alternative. The ring will work nicely for me when deployed, however. The finish is excellent, the fit is precise. It's a piece of functional art, and I hope to wear it out.

If you're serious about a wading staff, this is a serious wading staff.


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Fishing is slowing down...I have time to do another run of staffs. These make a good gift for a friend (or yourself....:rolleyes: )


I got one a couple months ago and echo all the great comments
money well spent and will probably have my buddies ordering too when they get a chance to try mine lol


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I ordered one yesterday based on the comments here. I have had a Simms wading staff for years and finally started using it earlier this year. Wow! I was a fool for not trying it sooner. I hike lots of rivers here in Alaska, and the staff has made it some much easier. I am looking forward to trying something more substantial than the Simms staff.


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Riverstick wading staffs:
Common complaints with most folding wading staffs are that they get stuck, vibrate in the current, or wear out…Not this one…This is the sturdiest, most durable folding wading staff I have seen.
I have developed, tested and refined the design on my local rivers over the past 8 yrs. The 6061 marine-grade aluminum machined inserts and heavy-walled tubing are designed to be easily self-maintainable, over the long term, with off-the-shelf grips and tips. The bungee cord tension can easily be adjusted by popping the tip off and knotting the cord as needed. A hammer loop (included) has proven to be the perfect holster, making the staff easy to draw/reload with one hand. It includes a wrist strap and a ring just below the grip for clipping onto a retractor to let it hang extended. At 1 lb 10 ozs, it is solid, and built to last. The standard length is 53”, and I can do custom lengths to suit at no extra charge.
I am offering them, with holster, for $95 plus $20 shipping = $115 usd total.
Please pm me for more details.

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Would you have any pics of the holster..?


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Would you have any pics of the holster..?

Here's a pic of the holster. It's heavy cowhide with heavily chrome plating on loop and brass rivets. My logic in using the hammer loop is that they've been used to carry hammers for over 100 yrs, with very little change...and have proven to be the perfect holster for one-hand deployment of the staff...unlike the neoprene sock used by some others.

h 2.jpeg

Marty Leith

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I like mine as well but before I use it again, I will be reinstalling my grip “right side up”.

Why not mount the grip “thumb up pad down” at production?

The grip is a bike grip right ? No complaint there. Common on bikes and feature an improved flattened, outer taper / “platform” for the pad of the hand to rest against. Good idea, but, most of us grip a wading staff or walking stick/ski pole, “thumb-up and pad-down”.

Maybe it’s just me...

Again, I do like it a lot. Hope to love it later.


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