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“Epic” days don’t come often or easy, but fishing an average of 3 days a month for 14-months running has certainly upped the odds. We’re back home in MT visiting family for Thanksgiving, so I decided to get a few hours on the Bitterroot by myself. A balmy 37 degrees and 1100 cfs flow combined for a fun few hours on the trout spey rod. 841E912C-74BD-4676-BE14-EA761897A051.jpeg

I missed a couple little takes at the top of the run in the first 5 minutes, So I stopped to check my hook, regroup and slow down. The first big grab came on the next cast, yielding a series of nice jumps by a colorful rainbow.

I made the release, warmed up the hands and took a few steps down to find a nice fish that hunkered down in typical brown fashion.

Luckily, the next 2 hours played out the same way on runs on both sides of the river—all husky winter fish including a fat 26in bow.

I had to stop by Rick Stuber’s for a quick watermaster replacement part in Stevensville at 4:30, so told myself 3 more casts before hiking back to the truck. Only two were needed before tying up with the only cutthroat of the day.

Beautiful fish and great end to the day.


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Makes me pine for 1980's when I'd walk down stream from the Florence bridge for those beautiful Bitterroot rainbows. When my friends went hunting I'd go fishing, best time of the year...


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I love the Root. Thanks for sharing :)

I did a little trout spey on the Deschutes today and had one nice white fish and a larger "something" that snapped my 4x line after going into my backing ;)

That happened to me on the Yak during the last week of Oct using 2x...hit-and-run just as the lined tightened. Would have a least liked to get a look, but leaving it to the imagination is good too!

Gary Thompson

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I love the Root.
I have never fished the lower part of the river, so no rainbows or browns, just the nicest cutts for me.
Sweet report

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While I've lived here in Montana for a while now I have never made it over that far west. I might have to remedy that next year. Good looking fish and good report. Only one thing wrong. I like to fish small skinny water. That river looks a bit wide for my tastes.

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