FS Abel super 5 + 2 spare spools

Used black Abel super 5 reel with two spare spools. Photos show reel and one spool with line on, but reel and both spools will come backing only. Got this as part of a package deal with a ton of stuff, but have more then enough reels already. Drag was not working when I got this, so i pulled it apart and the two springs pictured in the last photo were mia. Took it to my local fly shop that sells abel and they graciously hooked me up with brand new springs. There is some discoloration to the teeth on the drag disc but the guys at the shop assured me it is just aesthetics and does not affect performance at all. It is not part of the drag system, just the teeth that allow the famous abel click when you wind the line in.
Asking 350 for reel with both spare spools.


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