Who’s got the best holiday rod deals?

stilly stalker

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I see that Moonshine and Blue Halo are having decent sales on rods. Who have I missed? I mean I don’t REALLY need another rod. But I don’t have a 4wt, or an 8 switch.... or a 6 switch.... or a 6 spey..... or a 7 spey....... I mean, if I can get 25% off that’s not bad
not sure if its is still happening but Swift/Epic had a promo code out on social media for 20 or 25% off that was good for most of their lineup

it brought the 590C down from 795 to under 500, which is a screaming deal


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I'd never heard of Moonshine rods before, so I looked at the website. Looks pretty good online. Need more user opinions to get a sense of them.

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