Finally overcame analysis paralysis - new waders


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My favorite Orvis studded boots started coming apart last year, so I went into Red's with the intention of buying a pair of Redingtons. Well, the fit wasn't that great. Really didn't want to spend $180 on the Darkhorse Korkers but when I put my feet in them I had to buy them. The fit for me was amazing. Guess you get what you pay for. Used them a lot since then and they are holding up well. I have utilized the interchangeable soles more than I thought I would.

I've kind of come to think of waders and wading boots in a cost per day way.
I figure my current waders have cost less then a $0.66 or so per day of usage.
(Redington Sonic Pros / $199.00 / 300+ days of use)
Well worth it to be comfortable while fishing.
My new boots cost keeps going down each trip as well. Probably at about $6.00 per day now, but if they hold up as well as the waders, they'll have about the same daily costs.
I spend a lot more per day to fish on other shit then my waders and boots......

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I have read the interchangeable soles actually work well now with redesign...
Yeah, I redesigned mine. I inserted a screw in the Sole, at the toe end, to keep the god damn sole in place. To change soles I remove the screw in the sole and remove and replace with what sole I need. Then reinsert the screw. It's worked good for over 19 years.
Love the Redington sonic pro zip fronts. My pair just recently wore out after 5 or 6 years of heavy use and I'm planning on getting another pair. I love all of the pockets because it lets me go out for the day with all of my gear without having to carry a pack at all.
Midwest so we're challenged in winter compared to the coasts.

Tried valiantly with my Cabela's stocking foot breathables with tons of layers underneath last winter for full days and froze solid. I dry suit scuba dive in < 32F water and have plenty of great fleece insulating layers, but it doesn't matter. Hours and hours in freezing water and wind are just not possible with that setup.

Gave in and bought a set of Cabela's Supermag 5mm 1600gr thinsulate boot foot waders. AMAZING. I'm roasty toasty all day in 32F water with 26F air temps and wind the last two weekends and didn't even layer up much on top. Sure they are not as 'agile' as the breathables, but not anywhere near as bad as everything I read. And the 'moisture buildup' really isn't that bad. Highly recommended.
I've been looking too Steve. Stood in the Wallowa yesterday for 4 hours with 30 degree air temps with my stockingfoot breathable Cabelas brand waders. Took my feet 45 minutes to recover with the heat blasting on high on the floor on the ride home. Can't see the $800 for Simms G3 bootfoot waders, but gotta find something with some insulation in the feet for this time of year until spring. Anyone else have recommendations?
And oh by the way, if you're willing to drive the packed snow and ice over Tollgate, the Wallowa was worth the trip!
Make sure your feet have room to relax. Too much sock makes for too tight foot. Blood flow is restricted=cold feet..


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Well after much looking and talking and shopping at various fly shops over the internet, I settled on the Simms bootfoot with felt soles. Had to look high and low to find a shop that had an L11 in stock, but finally found a pair in Portland. On the way here now, and on the water next week!