FS Echo Carbon XL 690-4, Loop Multi 3/6, Rio Xtreme Indicator WF6F


- Echo Carbon XL 690-4, Solid Rod for the price, I’ve fished this rod a lot and has a lot of mojo. It’s a pretty fast action rod and I love how it fishes that Xtreme Indicator line. Condition 8.5/10 $80

Loop Multi 3/6, super slick reel and it is an absolute work hog. It has been beat up and really used but it’s a damn good reel with no functional damage. Condition 5/10 (all cosmetic) $50

Rio Xtreme Indicator WF6F perfect nymphing line, one little stain on the line I can’t make out what it is but it’s on the orange “front taper” section. This line has had a bit of fishing done on it but it still has a lot of life left in it. $40

I’ll sell the whole package for $120, or everything else is best offer. Let’s make some deals.

I also have a well used Rising Lunker net with the 24” handle that I don’t use anymore, the cap is missing and the net is pretty faded, but the price listed is worth it just for the handle. message me and I will send you some more pics of it if you’re interested. Condition 4/10 $40


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