Thanks for the support over the years. I've stepped down from PHWFF

Jerry. I understand. I worked with both Wounded Warriors Project and Project Healing Waters. It became apparent that much of the donated money ended up paying for all those things that promote the program instead of aiding Vets. I decided it was time to let others take the oars.
We've talked about your experiences. When it comes to spending PHWFF does filter more money into programs than promoting. I know this from inside work all these years. Just where they are focusing money to certain programs that aren't needed and defunding others that are is the problem.
ThankS for all your efforts.
I can remember rowing a young man that was so excited he went out a bought his own gear.
He was so proud of his 8wt. I let him cast away until our first stop and rigged up my 10f 5wt for nymphing. He picked up a couple 10 inch fish and had a huge grin all day.
Good times

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