Cats are friends too

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But not fishing friends... but Critter liked water...Ellen rescues cats...some have been we can leave for a week at a time...they seem to have more lives to burn than dogs. I the years since meeting Ellen...met her on FB...I know...asnyway turns out this odd woman , went to the same HS...lived her whole life in the same home town...knew a bunch of the same people...but 10 years separate us in age in this small town... Anyway, cat pics knew it would happen...ha! critter was a pesian and loved water, ran into the shower...wanted outside when it was pouring...would jump onto the sink when doing dishes to get a drink...and the older he got the more he looked like Wilford Brimley Critter brimley.jpg BrimleyCritter.jpg Critter drinking.jpg CritterPondering.jpg

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We have 4 living with us. They are my Granddaughters cats. They are all fixed and live in the house. Only one is mean. It will reach out and grab you as you walk by it. It gets a good hit from me when she does it to me. The other three are gentle, and two are over sized. And the last one is a nut.


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I like cats; they taste like chicken.

Cat; the other white meat . . .

I have two neighbor cats that think their names are on my deed and my house and land are their play ground. They, unlike some former felines, have a top speed that is 1 mph faster than the coyotes. Age is their enemy. They kill a lot of songbirds and occasionally rodents. My neighbor asked me if I was feeding them as they don’t eat at home but are gaining weight.

A few years ago my neighbor (their house is ~1/2 mile away) asked me if I had seen their calico cat. I walked over to the big ponderosa where a pair of great horned owls nested and brought him a couple owl casings with calico fur in them. I thought they would stop feeding the owls and coyotes, but they got the two cats they have now.

They both work so the cats sleep all day at their house and prowl all night. I flat out don’t understand why they even have them.


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FYI. I don’t hate cats, but I have no problem poking fun at them and their owners. The only critters that approach my hate level are Black Flies. White Socks are nasty shits.

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Im a cat person. I like the love you have to earn
Good point...we have one named Widget that meows with a prominent lisp...another centurion that is approaching 19...and a pair Ellen reluctantly saved...agreed to home...they have turned into wonderful pets and reduce the mouse population our here though they like to share their work by bringing them in the house and sharing their fun...keeps life interesting...and I gotta say a cat on the lap ain't a bad thing...

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