Cats are friends too


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I grew up with dogs and cats. I am sold on the furry rats. My current cat will sit and wait for hours in the window for me to get home. The little fur ball loves to fetch. It will retrieve a ball and drop it at my feet and wait for me to throw. I will wake up in the middle of The night and the damn thing will be laying next to me with its head on pillow while sleeping off it's back. I dont have to clean up dog shit in my yard or put up with constant barking. Low maintenance pets are the best. If you piss a cat off it might come kill you in your sleep, they are not


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A few years ago my neighbors cat had a litter. They were outside cats and spent the majority of their time at my place.
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The "owner" gave them collars but didn't feed them or pay any attention to them. I never fed them but always greeted them at the porch on a daily basis. Naturally they all went into heat and disappeared. The following year one of them reappeared with a new litter of its own.
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These two "mysteriously" went to a no kill adoption center as they stood little chance of a good life alone on the streets. Was kind of tough seeing the mama, one of the cats from the first litter, try to call in and entice her kittens with fresh offerings every night while I lmew very well that she would never see them again.
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One thing I've learned is if your going to own outdoor cats get them spayed and neutered. They will multiply and take a toll on the environment. I love cats but can't say the same about irresponsible owners.

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I dont have to clean up dog shit in my yard or put up with constant barking.
That comes down to being a responsible owner. My dog has been trained to crap in one spot & doesn't bark incessantly - if Hank does bark, I go look; it's either a stranger, a cat or a squirrel on my property. I've also never encountered a "watch cat," lol. I'll admit that cleaning up after a cat has 1 advantage: you do it indoors (unless it's an outdoor cat, in which case the neighbors clean that litter box outdoors :mad:.).
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One of the biggest "problems" I had with my recent move from Michigan to Washington was leaving my two feral cats back there. I started feeding Glenda back in the early winter and OC (stands for Other Cat) in early spring. It was a hard winter there and both were pretty scrawny. Neither would probably ever become domesticated, but they would let me pet them while they were eating. They showed up every morning and evening to eat. And kept the rabbits from my flowers. Luckily some new people had just moved in across the street and they were going to continue the feeding. And yes, both had been Trapped, Neutered and Returned and had their left ears clipped to show it. My indoor cat made the move with me and is loving his new home here.


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While the thread might be a bit on the maudlin side for some, but hey ...

And there's not much on the dark side of our feline friends on the thread but some things can't be ignored ...

The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimate that cats kill up to 4 billion birds and 6.3 to 22.3 billion mammals annually.
Some of the birds extinct because of cats:
  • The Chatham Bellbird (New Zealand)
  • Chatham Fernbird (New Zealand)
  • Chatham Rail (New Zealand)
  • Guadalupe Caracara (Guadalupe island)
  • Bonin Grosbeak (Ogasawara Island)
  • North Island Snipe (New Zealand)
  • Northern Flicker (Guadalupe)
  • Macquaire Parakeet
  • Choiseul Pigeon (Solomon Islands)
  • Spotted Towhee (Guadalupe)
  • Hawaiian rail (Hawaii)
  • Ruby-crowned Kinglet (Mexico)
  • Laughing Owl (New Zealand)
  • Guadalupe Wren (Guadalupe)
  • Stephens Island Wren (Stephens Island)
  • South Island Piopo (New Zealand)
  • Bushwren (New Zealand)
  • Socorro Dove (Socorro Island)
  • Bonin Thrush (Bonin Island)

I watched a cat catch a mouse.
After catching it, the cat chewed off one of the mouse's feet, and watched it try to hop away. It then chewed off another foot and then a third foot and watched it try to crawl away. Finally, it chewed off the 4th. foot which was really boring for it to watch so it turned and walked away.

In my experience, the only mammal crueller than a cat is an ex in divorce court.
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I'm a dog guy, always have been, but I don't dislike cats. One of my Daughter's cats loves me. When my dog days are done (Hank will be the last dog . . . or maybe I'll be "the last" and that will be that :eek:), I wouldn't mind a Maine Coon Cat.

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Well I love my domestic pets...Dogs and cats...I have had hmmm?...I am counting...Buster, Suntan and Benny and Peanuts, Tyson and Simmy,Orion and Ernie...2 Beagles, a black lab, a Mr potato head dog because he just seemed assembled in a weird mutt kinda way, a Chicuawa(WTH?spllg?) a brindle Collie and a Border Collie...and too many cats to list...had rabbits as "pets" too...they became pets cuz I could never dispatch them...