Blow Glass for "School"


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Come play with molten glass to raise awareness about salmon and steelhead conservation!

Blow Glass for “School”
Come to Jason Lee Middle School on Saturday, December 8, 2018 from 10am to 4pm and support artist, fisherman and conservationist Joseph Rossano as our community participates in his installation “School”

From the Bellevue Art Museum:
“School, an exhibition spearheaded and conceptualized by artist Joseph Rossano, casts light on the diminished state of global salmon and steelhead populations. The installation features a life- size school of mirrored salmon, sculpted from molten glass by concerned glassmakers from around the world as well as first hand video accounts from renowned scientists, artists, and tribal members. Participating makers send their contributions to a central location where the glass fish are silvered by Joseph Rossano and then sent to join the exhibition at Bellevue Arts Museum.”
This exhibit will travel nationally and has designs on international destinations

Hilltop Artists and the local glass community will be working with the students of Jason Lee Middle School on Thursday and Friday. Saturday Dec. 8 we invite the community (glassblowers, fisherman, conservationists and interested parties) into the hot shop to help make glass fish.
No glassblowing experience necessary!

Mark Titus will present and talk on his film “The Breach” at noon on Saturday, December 8.

Jason Lee Middle School
602 N. Sprague Ave
Tacoma, WA 98403
Hilltop Artists Hot Shop is off of Grant St across the basketball courts inside the double roll-up doors


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Uck Uck Uck, bitches
the tacoma Museum of Glass is an incredible facility... I have been there many times...definitely more than Dale Chihuly...

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