Trip Report Elk River British Columbia Rising Cutthroat Trout August 2018


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Elk River 2 Afternoon.jpg
We fished in August and found a nice braided area with small channels where we actually found the biggest fish.
Elk River 2 Afternoon 1.jpg
Ladin saw a big fish rise and made a great cast.
Elk River 2 Afternoon 2.jpg
The Purple Haze floated perfectly and the fish came up bigger than life.
Elk River 2 Afternoon 3.jpg
A beautiful Cutthroat. Over 20 inches.

We caught several large trout and many other nice fish. Mostly on the dry. The Elk is a fantastic River.
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I don't like being the one to throw cold water on this love-in but I have a valid complaint. The videos are very good but the audio is just awful with about every 5th word being "Awesome!" You guys need to clean up your vocabulary. It is the equivalent of a teenager saying "Like" every few seconds. I have fly fished since July 28, 1951 and caught many thousands of fish over the years but only 3 were genuinely awesome. Two wild steelhead that spooled me with spectacular leaps and a Garrard rainbow of 15# that made jumps over my head at Sheridan Lake.

I have never caught a 14" fish that was "Awesome" and doubt that you guys have either.

So while I'm complaining about a very good and enjoyable show I have another observation. For years you guys have been very tight lipped about the waters you were fishing by saying things like: "A lake in eastern Washington" or "A beautiful stream in British Columbia". I liked that you weren't naming names-there are already too many publications and web sites devoted to kiss-and-tell fishing. I would rather try to guess where you were fishing than have you blurt it out then find 12 cars in the parking lot the next time I visit a lake. Lately it seems like you are naming names and I wonder if it is pressure by your sponsors or producers or if you are just caving in to viewers that want to be spoon fed. The old way was better.

Keep up the good work you do and save "Awesome!" for those few fish in a lifetime that are truly unforgettable.


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