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This is often a cultural thing. I don't know the ethnic background of the culprit, but some Buddhists consider this sort of act to be sacred. As I recall, a Buddhist releasing snakeheads into the potomac river is what led to their establishment as an invasive species in the Washington DC area. Yep, it's stupid.
Is there such a thing as native fish in a man made lake?
I knew some guys that used to do just that. Catch bass out of one lake and put them in a smaller lake. This was before the internet And other things. If I would of know how to report them I would of. But you have to catch them in the act of doing that or your words just suck.
At one time Oregon had a flyfishing only trout lake that held very large trout. It was Davis Lake.

Unfortunately, down the Century Drive is reservoir called Crane Prairie and some idiots had dumped LMB in Crane years ago. The bass did so well in Crane, they decided to illegally moved some of the bass to Davis.

Once they did that, the illegally introduced LMB pretty much well wiped out the majority of the trout in Davis. The bass did so well, Davis held trophy size LMB but the A-holes who planted them there couldn't use their bass boats and spin gear to catch them... the lake was still flyfishing only.

To their credit, the ODF&W has taken steps to remove the bass and move them to warmwater fisheries. It may not make much difference. Davis has a tendency to dry up during the drought years and that has always put a dent int he trout population.

Doesn't matter, the last thing we need is bass moved to trout fisheries. It drives me crazy when bass guys move the fish to trout lakes. I fish for both bass and trout but prefer the two are not combined in a fishery. Bass can live where trout can't and that's where they should be.

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