What’s the most dignified way to fish a bead?


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My first controversial thread. Thread says it all:

1/ Under a bobber (indicator) attached to a fly line & rod.

2/ Under a float (bobber) with a gear rod

3/ Under a float (bobber) with a centerpin rod

4/ It’s undignified and one should only swing flies.

My thinking is the 4/ is ideal, 1/ is a pain in the ass and 2/ is less so, and I’ve never tried 3/. I like to fish all the fishy water between swinging runs and generally carry 2 rods around.


Chucking a dead parrot on a piece of string!
Suddenly I understand. The people who only swing flies and look down at beads are trying to be dignified. It’s hard to be dignified with a big stick up your a**, so we should all cut them some slack! ;)

Most effective way - probably a bobber and a spinning rod. But on smaller water the fly rod with an indicator is more fun.

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