What’s the most dignified way to fish a bead?


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If you need to be wading chest deep in the river to sling your split shot into the zone, rowing through the heaviest current to high-stick the outside edge, or mending every .5 seconds, I don't think you look very dignified.

Also, you're probably not being a very good neighbor to those fishing behind you if the river is clear and crowded.

Brian Lear

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I didn't know fishing beads was undignified. How about on a fly rod with floating line and sinking tip, fluoro leader, cast into the fast water at the top of a run and let the current sink it and hope the fish are nosing up into the fast water getting ready to move. If they aren't there yet, keep casting to that spot until they move up and eventually run into it. Resist the urge to wade down river in the name of "covering lots of water" just because you are inpatient.


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In my original post I really meant “enjoyable” rather than “dignified”, but by leaving it “dignified” we get responses from those that don’t find it enjoyable. Carrying a spey rod, or a single hand on smaller rivers, and a float rod works for me. Tried the indicator setup on a single hand rod, and it’s a really great way to hit yourself in the back of the head with some lead, although with practice it’s doable.


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but by leaving it “dignified” we get responses from those that don’t find it enjoyable.

I didn't say I don't find it enjoyable, so that would be a better modifier than dignified, since dignified implies some positive attributes about the method, other than hook ups.

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