What’s the most dignified way to fish a bead?


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I had doubts early on in this bead thread but it's really taken off. Good work steelhead forum.

There's limited space for it to take off. We're not talking about whether it's good or bad, moral, or ethical. Only about dignity. Doesn't leave a lot of room for on topic expression.


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I just want to know if I’m supposed to hate the nymphers for catching too many fish with their beads or do I thank them for not choosing a more effective method like centerpinning? I’m so conflicted now help me internet correctly so as to be the most righteous Spey Yahweh I can be.

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If you put a centerpin reel ONTO your fly rod it still LOOKS like a fly rod set up

I’m not sure if that. My 13’ Spey with a size 4 lamson speedster looks exactly like a pin rig.

Much like today’s society there sure seems to be a bunch of aggrieved people without really anything to really be mad about. Nobody started out talking about hate or jealousy or anger. Just people replying with self imagined scorn.

I’m probably guilty of this too as I took me being quoted to defend SG as an attack on me. Maybe I read too much into it since I certainly didn’t say anything bad about him. I absolutely respect his knowledge and would jump at the chance to fish a run with him.

Snow on the ground is melting and the river is rising. Time to tie up some dry line leaders and bust out the toothpicks. What exactly is the proper length between the hook and bead when swinging them?

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This will be my last post on this topic, it’s actually getting a little silly. Hopefully most will fish without worrying about being dignified or not. At the end of the day, you shouldn’t care about what others think about your style of fishing. To those who act like your method is better, you likely are rubbing a lot of dudes the wrong way. Even further, when a group of these same guys act this way it starts to create a stereotype. What I can say is whatever way you fish, just please do it ethically, otherwise the few steelhead that are around won’t be here for the next generation.


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Me and Salmo get all the chicks



beads are NOT flies and snagging is just ghetto
people do all sorts of undignified things trying to feed their family. when you fish to feed your family its important to get your limit quickly so you can get back to sucking d**k behind the dumpster. you still need cash to buy crack :eek:

Jeremy Floyd

Asking Steve's advice or opinion on beads, is akin to asking the Dali Llama which gun he likes best for a home invasion...
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I understand why people fish beads, they work.

What I don’t get is why they do it with fly rods. It’s got to be the least effective way to run them.

So here's the deal with fly rods. They were invented to present floating insect imitations to surface feeding trout in small streams. Within that context, a well-handled fly rod is a peerless fish catching machine. Any alteration to those parameters--dry fly, rising trout, small streams--and a fly rod ceases to be the most effective tool for the job at hand. When we choose a fly rod to do anything but toss dry flies to small stream trout, we're always choosing to do so for reasons other than the efficiency of the instrument.

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