Christmas Cheer


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(Hahaha, @Salmo_g , i can almost hear OMJ and what he probably has to say about egg nog!)
OMJ, the best presents are when you don’t choose it yourself or give directions to the giver. Maybe she is wanting you to choose something for her so it doesn’t feel like an obligation for you.

Maybe she just wants YOU to choose for her. It doesn’t have to be big, just something that tells her you thought of her. It could be something like a really nice tea cup from an antique store (if she likes tea) or a fresh bunch of Christmas flowers and evergreens or something that reminds her from a long time ago. Surprise yourself, surprise your wife and you might feel better about Christmas.

I think it’s easy to allow oneself to get into a funk. Some of us have very good reasons to be in one that aren’t just limited to the holidays and some just can’t help that it happens. But there IS something that you can do about it if you want to get out of your funk. (“Fake it to you make it” is a real thing.) Do something nice for yourself and someone else (your wife). If you can’t get out by yourself ask one of those women in the house to take you somewhere! I wish i lived near you i would take you myself!


the sultan of swing
As it gets closer and closer to christmas, I seem to get in a bigger funk. I guess that I would be happier is nobody showed up at our place. Everytime I ask my wife if she would use this or that and I get the no answer. So I decided not to get her anything. I to damn old for guessing games. Plus I don't give a shit anymore.
I bought my wife a shotgun & now she goes bird hunting with me

Old Man

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On giving my wife stuff. I've given her lots over the years but she doesn't use what I give her of wear it. It is frustrating to say the least.

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@Old Man - how about a nice dinner or two out at a nice restaurant? No preparation, cooking or cleaning up afterwards is a present to both of you. Maybe include some music venue to make it a whole evening...

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