December Fly Salon - "Outside The Box"


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Very impressive Adam. Especially using the washers to create a eyes and a weighted head in what I first thought was a fly shop product.

While it will be very tough to beat the home-made head product you created, after seeing that fly, I'm going to tweak the rules by allowing commercially available head accessories. Cones, lead eyes, bead chain, stick-on eyes, tungsten beads, fish skulls etc.

Apologies for the change but the reasons being I think this will actually stimulate the creative use of alternative materials, result in better looking, and likely better fishing flies. Carry on!
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Wanted to use the light bulb to make a glass minnow body but should it break all over the beach that would be irresponsible of me :)
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Maybe a bit wine related, but what the heck. The body is trimmed down aluminum or whatever it is they wrap the top of a wine bottle with. One side was silverish in color and the other was... wine colored. The orange head is some fibers from my sons little ball. I’d fish it!
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