December Fly Salon - "Outside The Box"


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...then carefully load decorated bud into ball, and tie off with some 15lb maxima chemeleon , cause that’s what was next to me..... AB905DF0-7354-40F8-BC49-226731FE0CB5.jpeg and BOOM!!! Merry Christmas!! If you’re not picking up little foam beads and your tying area looks like the Grinch shed his winter coat of green hair, you did good!


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Awesome ornament but I bet that tree fly will fish as a bass pattern too. I'd go with "Pooping Frog" if you were to name it. Nice job!


Bozeman, Montana
Festive Stonefly and C5 Popper.
Crafted from Gift Box Ribbon and C5 Christmas Light
Tail - Fibers from red and gold ribbon
Body - Woven edge of red ribbon
Thorax - Gold Ribbon
Legs - Fibers from Red Ribbon
Thread - 140 Red UTC
Hook - Firehole Stick 718 #8

Tail - Shredded Gold and Red Ribbon
Body - Plastic C5 Christmas Blub
Head - Yellow Stick-on Eyes and UV Cured Cement
Hook - TMC 300 #4


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This was fun. Thanks everyone, and good work finding very surprising materials.

As for the January salon, I almost chose Paul for the cased caddis using crushed ornament glass, tinsel, pine needes, and UV resin. In particular, the crushed glass/UV combo is something I want to experiment with. But, as cool as that fly and all the others are, I have to pick our resident Finn @Adam Saarinen for the ribbon baitfish patterns. When I first saw the fly, it actually tricked me into thinking he used a standard fish mask type product by sandwiching the two washers together and coating them with UV resin. Really like the look of the ribbon-fibre "hackle" too.

So what will it be for January Adam?

Used some ribbon, hackle is ribbon fibres in a dubbing loop. TMC 600SP #2/0 & small washers for eyes, put a blob of Gulff black UV resin in the centre & covered everything with Deercreek thin UV resin. View attachment 185833 View attachment 185834 View attachment 185835 View attachment 185836 View attachment 185837 View attachment 185838 View attachment 185839

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