FS Fly Tying Wax

I still have some fly tying wax left. This is a high quality prepared tying wax which I have been making and using for many years. It is made of the finest USA produced rosins, beeswax, and vegetable based oils. No petroleum based ingredients are used. This wax will also work as a light dubbing wax although not specifically formulated for that purpose. Price is $9
which includes shipping CONUS and PayPal fees.

Thread control and securing materials with less wraps is made much easier with traditional tyer's wax. Many of the master tyers like Davie McPhail et al. use this wax to great effect on both complex and simple patterns. One disk per pack, right Jack?
I’m not the best fly tier and I’m pretty curious-if not formulated for dubbing, what else is “fly tying wax” used for?
What Russ said. Helps keep thread from slipping when forming a nice head as well. Many threads today come "waxed" BUT many tiers don't like a waxed thread and prefer to wax their thread when they need it waxed. Sometimes, we may want our thread not to grab a material. I remember an old Scottish Ghillie my Dad knew who would use his own ear wax as he tied a fly in hand on the river.
Jack, how tacky is this compared to Cobbler's wax?
Hi Bill, how have you been?
My wax approximates a standard 721 wax.
Jack, how tacky is this compared to Cobbler's wax?
"Cobbler's" wax sounds better than saying shoemaker's wax, doesn't it? A bit of hype, I think. Bag pipers and makers use "cobbler's" ie shoemakers wax. It is usually black although I have seen "white". Probably close to or actually a 721. I have tried to buy some in the past from a couple of people making " cobbler's" wax but they are always out of it. Fly tyers use it to darken/blacken thread. If it is real sticky then it's a dubbing wax.

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