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Old Man

A very Old Man
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Is that the same picture for both of you. The nose appears to be missing on both Pictures and the dorsal fin appears to be mussed up also.

Johnathon Quarrell

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These fish were caught about 3 miles from each other. Different fish just coincidence I suppose. My dads fish was missing more of the nose. These are hatchery fish so they have seen their share of battle wounds.

Johnathon Quarrell

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It’s interesting, I have seen quite a few people posting larger hatchery fish in Colorado that have a lot of the same characteristics.
Even a lot of the larger fish we saw in some other pools had similar facial damage. I did a quick online search and couldn't find any info on it. Maybe someone else has an idea? Im sure if I stopped into the hatchery Id get my answers too.


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The fish in the Blue river in Co mostly all have the same appearance. They're beat up badly. I wont fish that river in town ever again.


Trout Thank Me
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I’m a 34 year old child trapped in a grown mans body.
I am not quite sure what that means. When people ask me MY favorite age. I always say 32. It’s a good age. You are out of your stupid 20’s, grown up enough to have a career and a mortgage but you also look and physically feel really awesome.

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