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The following is copied from an email today from CCA Washington, it wouldn't hurt for WFF members to politely contact WDFW as suggested in the text below:

CCA Washington [email protected] via votervoice.net

General Information
Hi Patrick,

WDFW Director Kelly Susewind was asked about efforts to remove non-selective gillnets from our rivers during a “digital open house” event on November 28. The question and his disappointing response can be viewed HERE.

In his response, Director Susewind repeated industry claims that gillnets are selective by “time, area and place” and suggested that gillnets can be an effective tool for harvesting excess returning hatchery fish. These arguments simply don’t stand up to scrutiny in mixed-stock fisheries where you have ESA-listed, wild, and hatchery fish intermingled, which is currently the norm for most Washington salmon fisheries. Claims that gillnets are selective also fly in the face of the consequences of decades of non-selective overharvest: extinctions, ESA listings, and depressed salmon runs – even in areas with suitable habitat.

The gillnet question came up during a 1 ½-hour digital open house that covered a range of topics dealing with key issues facing the agency. WDFW has also hosted a series of local open house meetings as part of its effort to build support for a $60 million budget increase though higher license fees and additional state general funds. WDFW is also requesting that the Legislature reauthorize the $8.50 Columbia River Salmon and Steelhead endorsement, which is annually purchased by over 200,000 recreational anglers who fish the Columbia River basin. It expires next year.

Director Susewind conceded that he had more to learn about the issue. You can email him directly at [email protected] if you would like to share your views and first-hand experiences with gillnets. Please keep your email constructive and courteous.

CCA Washington is in the process of following up with Director Susewind. CCA also recently joined with a coalition of sportfishing and conservation groups on a letterurging the Legislature to hold WDFW accountable to implement the Columbia River gillnet reforms.

Thank you,
CCA Washington

P.S. On a related note, we just learned that the Endangered Salmon and Fisheries Predation Act (S. 3119), legislation to protect salmon and steelhead from excessive sea lion predation in the Columbia River, has made significant progress in the Senate. For years, CCA chapters in Oregon and Washington have been a leading voice in the sportfishing community in support of federal legislation to reduce excessive sea lion predation in the Columbia River basin – rallying our members to contact their lawmakers, organizing public events, securing state funding for interim measures, and orchestrating state legislative hearings.

Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) and Rep. Jamie Herrera-Beautler (R-WA) have been instrumental in advancing this bi-partisan legislation, and we appreciate their efforts on this complex issue. We will keep you updated as news develops on this issue over the coming days.​


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Who brainwashes these people in "authority"?
Or is it the residual effect of either them or their parents smokin' too much dope??


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We should ban lobbying. From the top to the bottom. That's where these people get most of their misinformation, as they're being wined and dined. I've seen it first hand, although a different industry. Too much influence is leveraged by those with money and agendas.

Jim Ficklin

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True, time, area and place. You simply will not kill that many caddis as you drive in the city. So yeah, their logic is sooooo sound.
Yup. Only the bugs that don't encounter a windshield avoid that fate. Who'd a thunk it . . .


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Yeah leave the weed and crack out of this.
Greed is the drug
Not defending gill nets but when targeting chum in fall I've never seen bycatch
They have tested seine fishing in lower Columbia which allows a selective release as long as you don't hot pot the bunt

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