FS Echo Glass Spey #7 w/ lines and Mow tips

Selling an Echo Glass Spey Rod 7126-4, 7# weight. It's a 12'9'' long, 4 piece rod. Rated for 480-590 grain lines. This is a smooth strong fiberglass rod in excellent shape, lightly used. Lines included. Airflo Skagit Compact 2.0, 510 gr. Float.. Rio Powerflex Max Shooting Line. Will also include a set of Rio med. 10' Mow Tips. Full float, 5' sink, 7.5' sink. and 10' full sink T-11 heads. Comes with tube and sock. Get yourself some backing and a reel and your set. $250...Prefer face to face hand off from Seattle to Portland area but could work something out for shipping on your dime..check out this site for a review...http://oregonflyfishingblog.com/2015/01/15/echo-glass-two-hand-fly-rod-review/
Cannon of a rod had one with 480 steelhead Scandi sure liked to cast long little over grained for short range
If ur new to spey or trying to get better great learning rod lots of feed back
Fish feel great on it too

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