Wading Staff Retractor


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Looks like the same one, but described as a "Rangefinder Tether" on their US site. The mixed reviews mention noise, where any noise would be a minus for hunting..I didn't notice noise when I tried it in the store, so s/be ok for a staff tether.

Jim Ficklin

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Nikon makes a similar unit for the same price. While I like the clip on the Nikon a little better (looks more secure to me), it only has a 25" lanyard which seems like it might be a tad on the short side.


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That looks like the one I got at Cabela's, but it isn't labeled as Cabela's product. I've had it for several seasons, and it works just fine. I think the lanyard extends more than 25", but I'm not sure. I don't think I've ever pulled it out to its end.

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