Sea Lion Bill Passed the Senate

Wade Spani

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Many, many years a ago when I gear fished. We used to plunk the Snohomish river below the bridge there for Steelhead. You would see them, seals, in the river as high as the Town of Snohomish.
Seen them all the way up to Hansen riffle on the Sky.


Indi "Ira" Jones
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I'm certain that in the process of extinction there is a final blow, the sea lions were in fact the final blow for the steelhead run in the Cedar River. The run sustained it self for many years and then came Herschel and his buddies now there are none.
We get it, we get it, you don't like seals, most of us don't, but it is continual hyperbole to spout that they are the problem when they are simply part of the problem.


Sculpin Enterprises
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As long as there are rainbows in any river system that flows into the ocean, steelhead in that system are NOT extinct. Some of those rainbows will go to sea. After growing fat on richer marine resources, they will return to their natal river (predators and fishers willing) as steelhead. Reduction of harvest on "rainbow trout" in these rivers may go a long way toward building steelhead numbers.

Jakob B

Washington Native and college age angler
Never good at this I.D. but got this out of the Cedar this summer. Looked more like a steelhead than a rainbow to me. Thoughts?
That very well could be a fish that spent some time in the salt. There are some Cedar fish (bigger ones) that show indications they go to the salt for a little and come back late summer. Sort of hybrid rainbow-summer steelhead thing.


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