FS Holiday stuff? Hardy Zephrus, Orvis fly selection, Redington reel


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Hardy Zephrus 9’0 5 wt. in excellent shape, includes tube, sock, ferrule plugs. Rod is in great shape! Outside of a small cosmetic blemish - a small nick in the butt cap shown in the close up pic I attached - rod is pristine. Asking $415, with strong preference for local pickup and cash. I can’t remember at moment whether I registered the rod warranty online. I will check, but assume for moment it is already registered.

Orvis fly selection - $25 cash (or will ship with no additional cost if buyer pays PayPal and covers PayPal fees if applicable). Would make a nice holiday gift!

Redington Drift 2/3 reel. Includes pouch. Very good/excellent condition. Will not include line or backing. $40 cash. SOLD.

All prices cash + local pickup/local meet up unless otherwise noted

2287A5FA-3246-46D3-84E9-9FE4244D1CF0.jpeg CD3C3988-A68E-4677-B230-62D9D1B77648.jpeg 653576B0-8AB5-4F4F-AF9B-3B48DC279375.jpeg FF8886D8-73D1-4D27-8BAA-CB52CE54D68C.jpeg 8163E4A3-5D3E-4C24-98BE-74B6F344367E.jpeg 74CE3483-6114-486D-B2FC-A33BBCEC7850.jpeg


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