To be a legitimate fly fishing bro, do you also need to be a heady skier?


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Those vids posted by @Swimmy and @bk paige remind me of my first attempt at skiing the "Seven Steps of Paradise" which is a backcountry run out of the Asulkan Hut, Rogers Pass, BC. My pinnin' skills back then only allowed one jump turn before performing an all-out yard sale! ;)


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I found skiing to be a bit too easy. The first time up on the slopes, I was easily able to stand and start heading down the mountain. That stopping and turning thing was a bit tricky... yard sale here, yard sale there.

Snowboarding I found much harder to start, but the learning curve was much faster.

So as others have mentioned, no.


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115. It is the Anima.
Black crows has been turning out some absolutely amazing skis recently. I demo’d a pair last year and loved them. They will definitely be on my list for new skis next season.

Although I could probably ride a couple two by fours down the hill and still call it a good day... love being on the mountain.


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115 underfoot on a 3" of snow day seems a bit of overkill. Only pair?
Funny you mention that as we were just talking about this the other day on the lift.

I've pretty much been a one ski quiver kind of guy. I haven't bought a ski under 110 in at least 10 years so just used to skiing bigger planks I'm sure I lose a little performance on groomers and bumps but whatever. The profiles and technology in skis now are pretty friendly to all conditions.

With that said, I'm considering getting a 100 or 105 type of ski just for carving or skiing hard pack. I haven't been in this market for over a decade so don't even know where to start. You ski bros have any suggestions?

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