To be a legitimate fly fishing bro, do you also need to be a heady skier?

bk paige

Wishin I was on the Sauk
That was AWESOME!!! There is a guy at Crystal MT that flat out rips on sit ski, I've watched that guy tear up double black diamonds, always with a huge smile on his face!
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Got love being young and flexible....... sure I'll just go for a double instead..... great event although I think I like the skier cross more for sheer chaos.....


I have an amazing collection of fishing shirts
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Snow is still in the forecast but not too optimistic that we'll see any major accumulation like the mtns to the south. No surprise, we always get the scraps with southern storms.

Jackson with 18"

West Yellowstone 16"

Cooke City 12"

Big Sky 2"

Bridger 1"

I did pick up a new pair of all mtn sticks. Might get out for an hour or two and get 'em on some snow.


Greg Armstrong

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Not "Heady Skiing" - but Snowshoeing!

Up to 8 ft. of new the past week in the central Cascades drew my wife and I to sample some of it today after the roads had cleared up some, and access to the mountains once again became a reality.

It was DEEP. Sank in past my knees even with the snowshoes. I don't downhill or x-country ski anymore and it was tough going breaking trail, but it was well worth the effort and what a beautiful day!
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