To be a legitimate fly fishing bro, do you also need to be a heady skier?


I have an amazing collection of fishing shirts
What a day. Decided to brave the cold temps and got out for a tour (-18 when I left the house this morning.)

We headed to a zone which was new for us. While we didn't have a firm objective, the avalanche danger was a concern so we wanted to be conservative with our terrain selection.

From a distance we spotted a slope that looked promising. As we got closer, it only got better. The snow looked incredible and hardly touched by any wind.

As we were breaking track, we got no collapsing or shooting cracks. Good signs of stability.

The perfect winter landscape

We continued higher, which opened up views into the alpine, and started scoping future objectives.

Back to the climb

Got to the top, dug a pit, agreed she was a go, and let 'er rip.

Perfect snow, incredible scenery, great exercise, awesome day. Satisfied.
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I have an amazing collection of fishing shirts
I can also say a couple more days like today and it will be time to dust off the fly rod.

Today was the first day I've really felt that spring is upon us.
We are going to see above freezing Temps for the first time since January tomorrow so its time to hit the slopes for a few more days before she starts to melt..... maybe a last trip down to Turner Mtn while the gettins still good as it looks like some fresh again this week in northern Montana.....


I have an amazing collection of fishing shirts
While we really didn't have a plan, today didn't really go as planned.

Left super early to explore a new range. Neither of us had been here and didn't really have too much info. We had scoped it on google earth and tried to gather what little beta we could on-line.

One option we were considering was to ski some variation of the peak on the left. It is NE facing and we thought it would be full of snow. But as we got closer, none of the lines really looked that clean. Lots of cliff bands and wind scoured

So we continued skinning and spotted this couloir. It looked like it might go.

We started poking around and ran into complex terrain. When we got a better view there was about a 40' ice fall near the bottom.

Oh and this was the best snow we'd see all day, which ain't saying much.

So we continued higher higher in the drainage.

I liked this line but it was S facing. Had we been a couple hours earlier it might have been in play.

We ended up on a N facing aspect of the peak in the first photo. The bottom third of the run was in the trees and the snow was decent at best. The top half was completely wind fucked...which seemed to be the case with this entire mtn range. With over 1000' still to climb we decided to bail. Wind slabs are sketchy and the skiing sucks.

The only thing to show for our effort was a couple of shitty turns

It was fun poking around and we made the best of it. But there was little stoke when we got back to the car. Heading to Big Sky tomorrow with the Mrs. and gonna crush some groomers.

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